Dropped Your Laptop? Here is What You Need to Do

No matter how well you care for your Macbook, laptops are all too vulnerable to slipping, dropping, skidding in all sorts of undesirable ways. So if you do end up dropping your laptop what’s the next step? Whether the laptop slipped from your hands, slid out of an open bag, or was yanked off of

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Fixing your defective cellphone, laptop and electronic gadgets is just a click away, thanks to our freshly re-designed website! Our newly launched website boasts a cleaner look with more pertinent information that is up front and easy to find. The new design provides more links to important developments and information about our services. Striking visuals,  [...]

Cracked iPhone Screen? Do Not Ignore it

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as breaking a valuable possession, especially when it holds your contacts, calendar and probably a lot more. Smartphones and laptops are crucial to our everyday lives, and once we break them, our lives turn upside down and we scurry quickly to repair them in order to put our lives back  [...]