Cracked iPhone Screen? Do Not Ignore it

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as breaking a valuable possession, especially when it holds your contacts, calendar and probably a lot more. Smartphones and laptops are crucial to our everyday lives, and once we break them, our lives turn upside down and we scurry quickly to repair them in order to put our lives back in order.

According to recent statistics, odds are if you own an iPhone, you’ve broken the screen at one point. According to poll results, 23% of iPhone users have cracked or broken their mobile device screens at one point in time.

Popular polls also state that 31% of people with broken screens chose not to bother getting the screen fixed. They try to self-repair it with tape or simply to ignore it and learn to live with it.

If your screen is cracked, we advise that you repair or replace the device immediately. Here is why:

  • Splinters from chips of iPhone glass could end up in your fingers and skin. Ouch!
  • Glass shards may fall off of the screen when it’s in your pocket, purse or bag, creating a safety risk.
  • A cracked cellular phone screen will eventually become worse. Eventually the capacitive touch functionality will no longer respond to finger gestures.
  • Should you drop it again, a cracked screen is more likely to shatter when dropped than a phone without a cracked screen.
  • A cracked cellphone screen exposes the phone and the user to further damage. Finger oils and debris will work their way into the cracks and can damage the screen over time.
  • A cracked cellphone screen cannot be cleaned. If your screen is cracked, it’s no longer able to keep liquids from working their way inside the phone.
  • A cracked cellular phone screen strains the eyes and obstructs the display of content.

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