Dropped Your Laptop? Here is What You Need to Do

No matter how well you care for your Macbook, laptops are all too vulnerable to slipping, dropping, skidding in all sorts of undesirable ways. So if you do end up dropping your laptop what’s the next step?

Whether the laptop slipped from your hands, slid out of an open bag, or was yanked off of its work surface when someone tripped over a cable, the results can range from cosmetic scuffs to a destroyed hard disk.

If your laptop should fall, take a deep breath and wait for the initial panicked rush of adrenaline to pass. Then pick up your laptop (and any pieces), turn it on (if it wasn’t on to start with), and assess the damage.

  • First, find out whether the machine works at all. Does it turn on? Does it start but stop sometime during the boot sequence?
  • Listen to the hard drive. Is it making any unexpected clicks or grinding noises? If so, shut down immediately and don’t reboot. The shock from the drop may have damaged a component in the drive, in which case restarting the computer could irrevocably destroy your data.
  • Lastly, look at the screen. Is it cracked or broken? Assuming you can get some kind of on-screen image, is it disrupted by horizontal or vertical lines? The impact from even relatively short falls can crack the screen or damage the cabling connecting it to the main body.

While diagnosing the damage yourself is doable a misdiagnosis is easy, too. For example, what may appear to be a bad screen could turn out to be the result of a faulty connecting cable. That’s why it may be better just to go directly to the professionals when it comes to such matters.

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