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At Wireless Tech, we go beyond offering laptop and cellphone repair services. We also offer hands-on training so you can learn how to repair everything from smartphones to laptops and MacBooks.

Under the guidance of our trained and experience technicians, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of cellphone and laptop repair. Our training is comprehensive and focuses on a real-world approach to repair techniques.

We focus on teaching you how to solve the most common cellphone and laptop issues, and replace any parts as needed. If you’re looking to expand your skills and add cellphone and laptop repair to your experience, look no further. Wireless Tech is here to help.

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Want to Learn How to Repair Cellphones and Laptops?
We’ll Teach You!

One thing that you can count on with cellphones and laptops is that they will frequently need service, even if it’s just for a small repair. At Wireless Tech, we offer training services so you can learn how to perform all types of repairs from the professionals.

We’ll teach you how to fix the most common issues, including:

  • 1Damaged screens
  • 2Camera malfunctions
  • 3Battery issues
  • 4Broken microphone
  • 5Charging problems

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Whatever your issue may be, give us a call and we’ll get your iPhone back to normal fast.